Joey Fatone Confirms *NSYNC Is Not Reuniting At The Superbowl… Even Though The Band’s In Minnesota

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Joey Fatone just came in and crushed all our ’90s fangirl hopes and dreams. Sure, we knew that realistically, *NSYNC was over and has been for over a decade now. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to be happy about it! When rumors started to swirl that the members of *NSYNC were in town for the Super Bowl, everyone got excited that it meant there would be a boy band reunion during Justin Timberlake‘s Super Bowl halftime show. But former band member Joey Fatone has officially denied the claims — in fact, he’s willing to bet money that the *NSYNC reunion won’t happen!

JT is set to perform at the 2018 Super Bowl halftime show, his first invitation back since the whole Janet Jackson debacle of 2004. Because his last performance was so notorious, many are speculating that he is going to do something big to top that original routine. And although he said, “Well… no,” when asked if other musicians would be joining him on the halftime stage, people have their money on him bringing out either Janet or *NSYNC on the big night.

…But then Joey Fatone went and opened his big mouth to TMZ and ruined everything. After touching down in Minnesota (where the Super Bowl is taking place this Sunday), Joey bet TMZ $1,000 that he would NOT perform during the halftime show. Then again, if he is performing during halftime… his paycheck is probably a lot larger than a measly 1K. So perhaps he’s willing to take the loss for the surprise factor? Wishful thinking.

*NSYNC, aka one of the biggest boy bands of all time, released their final original album together in 2001, Celebrity, but went on hiatus in 2002 and were disbanded by 2003. But over 15 years later, Justin is arguably the most successful former boy bander to go solo of all time (unless we’re counting Michael Jackson, obviously). Unlike many other former boy bands (ahem — Backstreet Boys), *NSYNC has not reunited to make new music, which is perhaps the key to their success.

When Justin was awarded the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the MTV Music Video Awards in 2013, the band surprised fans across the globe and performed with JT. Since then, there have been murmurs of a brief reunion, but members of the band have continuously been vague or shot the ideas down. In fact, Joey famously dissed the Backstreet Boys’ reunion saying, “I feel like they just need the money. No offense, guys. But I’m saying, if you think about it, it’s like, ‘Why are you coming back out again?'” Oops.

I guess we won’t know for sure until the big game on Sunday!