Lauren Jauregui Is Reportedly Making A Solo Album & May Be Leaving Fifth Harmony For Good

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As if losing Camila Cabello wasn’t enough of a shakeup, it sounds like Fifth Harmony is about to go through even more major changes. According to a new report from Billboard, Lauren Jauregui might be the next to leave the band, and fans are getting concerned that would mean the girl group is done for good.

Apparently, at the Sony party that followed Sunday night’s Grammys, someone from Billboard overheard that Lauren has decided to do her own music separate from Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane and Ally Brooke, and even has a solo album in the works over at Columbia. It’s not totally clear whether the solo album would mean she’s definitely not going to be working with the rest of the band anymore — but it’s not looking good.

If she is leaving the rest of the girls (and Epic Records) permanently, Fifth Harmony going from four members to three might be too much for them to come back from. But then again, they’ve managed to do just fine after losing Camila, so nothing’s impossible.

It’s not surprising that after their incredible success, the 5H girls would want to see what could happen if they tried to start solo careers. After all, it’s certainly worked for the guys in One Directionright? But Lauren planning her exit strategy could mean that things aren’t going well for Fifth Harmony behind the scenes.

So far, Lauren has yet to confirm the news herself. In fact, nothing that she’s posted on social media lately even hints that she’s thinking about leaving the group, so maybe this is all just a big rumor? One of her most recent tweets is super sweet, sending love to her fans out there who might need it, especially the younger ones:

Add that to the list of yet another thing the group would be losing if this beautiful soul decides to leave the band. The other girls didn’t take it well when Camila decided it was time to move on, so we’d hate to see this ruin their friendship with Lauren, too. Will they be blindsided like they were with Camila, or have they known all along that this was going to happen eventually? We have so many questions and absolutely zero answers.

Guess we’ll just have to wait until Lauren or 5H makes the official announcement to find out if this rumor is true. And in the meantime? Well, this could be huge for her, so it’s definitely something to celebrate… even if you’re already preparing to mourn the loss of the group existing together. Fifth Harmony has been amazing while it lasted!