Lady And The Tramp Is The Latest Disney Movie To Get Live-Action Treatment

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If you adored last year’s live-action Beauty and the Beast and can’t wait for The Lion King, you’re going Lady and the Tramp is getting its own live-action remake, and OMG, we can hardly contain our excitement.

The news broke on Monday, when Deadline was the first to announce the live-action treatment for the dog-centric Disney film was really happening. According to the site, instead of a theatrical release, Lady and the Tramp will debut when Disney launches its own streaming service in 2019. Like many other movies involving animals who just so happen to talk (like The Jungle Book), the movie will be a combination of traditional live-action and CGI animation.

So far, there aren’t too many details out there about the movie — let alone any cast announcements — but we do know a bit about who will be involved in the project. Charlie Bean, who directed The Lego Ninjago Movie, will also be directing Lady and the Tramp, and the script was written by Andrew Bujalski, who’s best known for writing the 2013 movie Computer Chess

Obviously, the leading actors will be played by CGI dogs, but it’ll definitely be interesting to see who the human cast is comprised of. Aunt Sarah’s huge personality is going to have to be captured by exactly the right actress. And of course, filling the role of Tony, the owner of the Italian restaurant where Lady and Tramp shared that iconic plate of spaghetti and meatballs, is going to be no easy task. We can’t wait to see who gets these roles! (And to see how they do that scene?!)

The original 1995 movie is a classic, so we hope this new remake manages to do it justice. It’s always a little nerve-wracking to find out one of your favorite childhood movies is getting a remake, but considering how awesome the other Disney live-action remakes have been so far, we’re willing to give this one a chance. It might just end up becoming one of our new favorites — and the streaming service itself seems pretty cool, too.

Now, we just have to wait for Disney to give us more details… and for the movie to come out next year. If you’re a fan of the original, you’re probably going to love this version — as long as they stay true to the adorable love story between two dogs from opposite sides of the tracks (and, of course, their Italian food). Honestly, is there a true love more pure than Lady and Tramp’s?