OMG! Marnie & Kal From Halloweentown Are Dating IRL

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If you grew up in the early ’00s then you almost certainly have a soft spot for the Disney Channel’s Halloweentown. It was – and still is – considered one of the most iconic Disney Channel Original Movies ever made. So after fans caught wind that two Halloweentown characters were dating in real life, you could only imagine their excitement! It turns out, Marnie and Kal have been dating for a while and we didn’t even notice. With all the 2018 celebrity breakups and quickie engagements, do you blame us!?

Kimberly J. Brown, who played teenage witch Marnie Piper in the first three Halloweentown movies, confirmed fans’ suspicions that she and her Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge co-star, Daniel Kountz, are definitely more than just friends! For those of you who never watched the films, Daniel’s character Kal was Marnie’s sworn nemeses. He appeared in the second film to avenge his evil father who was killed in the first movie. Kal and Marnie were basically Disney Channel’s versions of Harry Potter‘s Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger. They “hated” each other, but there was also a sense that deep down they had the hots for one another.

Clearly, real-life Marnie and Kal felt some sparks because according to Kimberly’s Instagram account, they’ve been together for quite some time. But it wasn’t until she posted an #internationalkissingday photo that everyone realized it! Daniel has been popping up on her IG more a lot more in the last few months, but the photos were pretty PG so we never picked up on anything romantic until now.

“#internationalkissingday you say? I’ll just leave this right here then,” she captioned the photo.

After looking through all of her IG, it turns out Kimberly has been very open about their relationship. Their first couple selfie was back in October 2017 when they celebrated Daniel’s birthday, but since then, she’s been posting more frequently. They dressed up as Superman and Wonder Woman for Halloween, they went ice skating at Rockefeller, and they even took a Christmas photo with their cat. Their most recent pic is a shot of them at Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook‘s wedding!

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They’re freakin’ cute, aren’t they? We’re so excited to keep up with their relationship now that we know they’re together! Who knows, maybe their 17-year reunion will take them all the way to the set of a fifth Halloweentown movie! We know that seems super unlikely, but considering reboots are “in” right now, anything is possible! In the meantime, we’ll be here with our fingers crossed.