Kim Kardashian Slammed For Posting A Topless Photo North Took Of Her

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Kim Kardashian Slammed For Posting a Topless Photo North Took of Her giphy 2 3 gif


Kim Kardashian has been all about celebrating her body lately, but now that she’s getting her kid involved, people are pissed. Kim is getting backlash for a topless photo North West took of her, and the internet has a lot of opinions about this one.

If you follow Kim on Instagram, you know she’s been showing off her bod a lot in the last few weeks. And honestly, why shouldn’t she? If she’s proud of the way she looks and she’s comfortable in her own skin, more power to her. But on Thursday, Kim’s latest photo featured herself standing in front of a mirror, with her back to the camera and her bra undone. You can just barely see North’s reflection in the mirror, standing behind her as the camera flashes. And in the caption, Kim made it clear that the photo was taken by her oldest daughter.

In terms of Kim’s other photos she’s shared in recent weeks, this one is one of the least risqué out there, but that hasn’t stopped people from jumping down Kim’s back all over Twitter and in her Instagram comments. Plenty of her followers think this is a completely inappropriate moment for North to have been a part of… and they aren’t shy about letting her and the rest of the world know.

Not nearly as many people came to Kim’s defense as the ones who tried to shut her down, but this tweet actually makes a pretty good point:

On one hand, we can get why some parents wouldn’t be comfortable with their kids seeing them nude — and whether Kim told her to take the photo or not, it’s also easy to see why some parents wouldn’t want their young child to think that posting topless photos on the internet is something people should be doing. On the other hand, this is Kim’s daughter, no one else’s, and she’s the one who gets to make the decisions like that, it’s not up to strangers on the web to decide. Maybe this is her way of teaching North body-positivity, which is a pretty important lesson, after all.

From everything we’ve seen online and on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it seems like North, Saint, and probably even baby Chicago are all happy, healthy kids who are well taken care of… and TBH, they all probably have better lives than the rest of us could ever dream of. So maybe we should all just let Kim take it from here?