Kim Kardashian Throws Shade At *All* Of Her Haters By Sending Them Valentine’s Day Gifts

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The Queen of Shade has returned! As if she ever really left? Kim Kardashian has been involved in many feuds over the years — and she’s bringing them all back to the center of conversation right now. Her most notable celebrity squabbles are with celebrities like Taylor Swift and Blac Chyna, but the list of people that have thrown shade at the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star or had it thrown at them by Kim is pretty extensive. In an effort to bury the hatchet (or gain more press for the release of her perfume) Kim has extended an olive branch. In the form of a chocolate heart!

Eagle-eyed fans spotted an interesting thing on Kim’s Instagram story Thursday, February 1st. She shared a photo of a bunch of post-it notes. The post-its corresponded to receipts of her press boxes for her new perfume. The press boxes were giant chocolate hearts with a little hammer to break the heart and reveal the perfume inside. There were blue post-its, pink post-its, and purple post-its. Kim just released her new KKW fragrance, Kimoji Hearts. The blue perfume is “BAE,” while pink is “BFF,” and purple is “RIDE OR DIE.” So, Kim explained that the post-it note colors connotated which perfume that person would get.

What fans immediately noticed that all of the blue post-it notes had names of people that Kim had famously considered her haters. Whereas people on the purple and pink post-it notes were Kim’s friends, mentors, and loved ones, like Cardi B, Anna Wintour, and Kylie Jenner.

“I decided, for this Valentine’s Day, everyone deserves a Valentine. So I am going to send them to my lovers, to my haters, to everyone that I think of. Because it’s Valentine’s Day after all,” she said on her Instagram story. Which so-called “haters” made the cut? Well, obviously Taylor Swift was a receipt, as well her brother’s former love interest, Blac Chyna. Some other people that have been in Kim’s line of fire that you might have forgotten are: Bette Midler, Chelsea Handler, Piers Morgan, Naya Rivera, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sharon Osbourne, Wendy Williams, Chloë Grace Moretz, Janice Dickinson, and Pink. People like Sharon, Chelsea, Wendy, and Piers have used their TV platforms to bash Kim and her family members pretty publicly. Naya Rivera bashed Kim K’s Paper magazine photo shoot and earned a spot on Kim’s bad side. Chloë made digs at Kim being a bad role model for posting a nude selfie on Instagram.

What can we say, this reality star really knows how to make headlines… and promote her new fragrance!