Kim Kardashian Is Under Fire For Her Makeup Casting Call

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Since Kim Kardashian released her first makeup line earlier this year, she’s gotten rave reviews… until now. Apparently, a recent casting call for KKW Beauty only asked for women to model her products, and some fans are upset that she didn’t extend the invitation to men as well… including backlash from one very prominent male social media star and makeup artist.

On Tuesday, Kim retweeted the casting call, which was originally posted by the official KKW Beauty account. It asks for women 18 and older in the Los Angeles area to send in their headshots for a chance to model in an upcoming campaign.

Since Kim is generally all about equality — and it seems this ad is specifically looking for diversity — some of her fans were confused about why the casting call would be restricted to females as if they’re the only ones interested in makeup. And then, James Charles, who became the first male CoverGirl model last year, decided to speak up, sending Kim a tweet to ask what the deal was. After he received negative attention about the tweet, he deleted it from his page. But according to screenshots (it’s the internet, people, deleting a tweet means NOTHING!), he wrote, “Sister @KimKardashian! There are thousands of boys in cosmetics who love you & I’m sure would be honored to slay a photo shoot for you! This is disappointing.”

With more than two million YouTube subscribers and just as many followers on Instagram, James has quickly become a huge member of the online beauty community. It’s not surprising that he’s chosen to speak out about the casting call considering his own path to becoming a well-known beauty guru hasn’t been an easy one.

James has also received attention from Kim herself for his makeup looks in the past; she even invited him to the launch party of KKW, where they met and spoke about the line in person. They’ve also met at her makeup master class with artist Mario Dedivanovic. So if anyone is the right person to question the casting call, that person is James.

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So far, Kim has yet to respond to James or the backlash she’s received for the casting call. It’s unclear whether or not this was just an oversight, or if this is actually a campaign where they are searching for women only. Either way, we’re living in 2017 — some men enjoy wearing makeup just as much as women do. If for no other reason, becoming a male-friendly beauty retailer could be a good idea from a business perspective. They spend money on cosmetics, too!

It’ll be interesting to see if KKW Beauty decides to open this casting call to guys, too. James is right — men deserve the chance to participate in the beauty world, too.