The Kardashians Respond To Blac Chyna’s Lawsuit Claiming They Sabotaged Her Show

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The Kardashians Respond to Blac Chyna s Lawsuit Claiming They Sabotaged Her Show kim kardashian gif


The Kardashians have fired back at Blac Chyna‘s lawsuit against them! She claims her ex and his family deliberately sabotaged her show, Rob & Chyna, after their break up, and that’s why E! canceled the show. However, Rob Kardashian, Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner‘s lawyers have responded, saying it’s ACTUALLY all Chyna’s fault. In fact, they want the judge to throw away the case.

They’re claiming the real reason the show was canceled is that Chyna got a domestic violence restraining order against Rob in July, which made it impossible for them to shoot scenes of the show together. The restraining order prevented Rob from contacting Chyna and required him to stay away from her, her home, and her work. In theory, it would be pretty impossible to film a show under those circumstances, wouldn’t it? Even if they did film scenes separately, the show is called Rob & Chyna, which would definitely make things a little difficult.

The Kardashians Respond to Blac Chyna s Lawsuit Claiming They Sabotaged Her Show rob and chyna show jpg jpeg


But Chyna doesn’t seem to think that this is the case. Following the Kardashians’ response to the lawsuit, TMZ reports that Chyna is not happy. “Blac Chyna is irate,” a source told the website. “And she thinks they’re sending a terrible message to women that getting a domestic violence restraining order is a bad thing.”

In October, Chyna sued her ex for allegedly damaging her brand, as well as verbally and physically abusing her. Rob later denied the accusations, however, you might remember that this whole war between them started after he published nude photos of Chyna on social media without her consent and accused her of cheating. After Rob’s blowup, Chyna took to Snapchat to set the story straight and accuse him of beating her up.

“Chyna says she was in fear for the safety of her and her daughter, and women should not lose jobs just because they try to protect their family from violence,” an insider told TMZ.

She certainly has a point because no woman should ever feel like she can’t speak out against her abuser so that she can keep her job. However, the Kardashian empire also has a response to this, noting that Chyna dropped her restraining order against Rob the second he agreed to pay $20,000 per month in child support.

Therefore, “if she really felt threatened she would never have dropped the restraining order,” a source close to the family told the website.

At this point, this lawsuit looks like it isn’t going to end anytime soon. Despite having to go up against a family as intimidating as the Kardashians, Chyna doesn’t seem like she’s going to back down.

Remember when Chyna wanted to change her name to Angela Kardashian and the Kardashians straight up refused her request? That’s why it comes to no surprise that they will stop at nothing to protect their empire, even if it means shutting down the whole production of a show. After all, we doubt the Kardashians wanted anything to do with Chyna after all the drama, anyway. With three babies on the way, can you blame them?