The Kardashian Christmas Card Is Finally Here, But Where’s Kylie Jenner?

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The Kardashian Christmas Card is Finally Here  But Where s Kylie Jenner  kylie jenner met gala gif


The final Kardashian Christmas card was revealed on December 25, but fans were disappointed to see that Kylie Jenner was not included in it. After 25 days of teasers, the Kardashian clan finally released the last one, however, it was not what we all expected. You see, everyone really thought this was going to be the family’s way of announcing Kylie’s pregnancy. Instead, she was a complete no show! So what’s the deal? Where the heck is Kylie and why wasn’t she included in the photo!

All the Kardashian-Jenners including Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian (who finally confirmed she’s pregnant BTW), Kendall Jenner, Kris Jenner, and even their grandma Mary Jo Campbell made the cut this year. Let’s not forget about the little ones, too. Mason, Penelope, Reign, North, Saint, and little Dream were all there in addition to their famous ‘rents.

See it for yourself!


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They’re all there, but Kylie is nowhere to be seen. Rob Kardashian didn’t make an appearance either, but Kim previously said that this year’s card would only include women and children.

“This year’s Christmas card is shot really casually. We’re kind of doing jeans and T-shirts vibe. Really cute. All the kids are so hard to put together,” she told James Corden during an appearance on the Late Late Show. “It’s women and children this year.”

Her husband, Kanye West, was the exception to the rule in othe teaser photos because it was his first time. Anyway, if Kylie and her famous fam are trying to create more buzz around her pregnancy, then it’s certainly working. This just created much more hype. The difference is now fans are upset. Before, Kylie was just keeping the news unconfirmed, but now the fam is straight up playing with us!

One thing is for sure, Twitter was not happy about the Kardashian card’s big reveal.

However, this fan’s reaction is by far the BEST and most hilarious theory.

Other than the Christmas card, the Kardashian clan celebrated Christmas by throwing a huge Christmas Eve party. There, Khloé and her sisters shared a bunch of videos on Snapchat. Again, Kylie was M.I.A. in all the videos. However, she did make an appearance at Kourtney’s house the next day to open gifts and celebrate Christmas morning in matching onesies.

Khloé even confirmed her sister was at the party. “Merry Christmas! People think you weren’t there last night,” Khloé said to Kylie in one video. “I was,” Kylie replied.

Of course, none of the videos showed her belly (she also didn’t dress in a holiday PJ like the rest of her sisters), which leaves us to assume that she’s preggers and not ready to reveal the news just yet. OR, they’re all waiting for an even better – more profitable – moment to announce her pregnancy.

Until then, then we’ll just have to be patient…