Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Are Reportedly Spending Time Apart

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are one of those couples whose relationship status will be debated for the rest of time. Are they dating? Do they hate each other? Lately, they’ve been back together (or so it seems), but now, in a turn of events that probably surprises absolutely no one, Justin and Selena are reportedly spending time away from each other and working out some “issues.” So, what’s going on this time?

According to one Entertainment Tonight source close to the on-again, off-again couple, although their relationship is still intact, Justin and Selena are currently taking a breather from each other. Just to be clear, this does not mean they are “broken up or taking a break.” The source says, “they have issues just like any other couple,” but they’re working through them. Oh, and the source added that they aren’t spending all their time together for “various reasons,” which couldn’t possibly be vaguer.

From what we can decode, it seems like Justin and Selena are still officially in a relationship, but need to spend time apart. Perhaps they rushed too quickly back into old ways when they reunited after Sel’s breakup from The Weeknd. They are two individual people with separate lives and booming careers, so spending every minute of every day together is not only not feasible, but it’s probably not very healthy for their relationship, either.

The same source also said that Selena is “working hard, looking after her health, and doing what’s good for her. Justin isn’t walking all over her.” If Justin had an issue with using her as a doormat in the past, it sounds like that’s behind him — and that’s great to hear. Selena is an awesome, strong woman, and she should be treated well by whoever she’s dating.

But what makes things really interesting is that Jelena breakup rumors were swirling just a few days ago when fans realized JB ‘liked’ a weeks-old photo of model/YouTuber Inanna Sarkis. It’s definitely sketchy – but it IS possible to IG stalk someone for totally wholesome reasons… right?

We’re not 100% sure what all this means for the couple’s future together, but hopefully, they’ll be able to work things out if they’re struggling. And if not? Well, that wouldn’t be shocking, considering the number of times Justin and Selena have split in the past. All we want is for these two to be happy, whether that means they’re together or not.

Maybe one of them will send out a smoke signal on Instagram and let us know what’s actually going on. For how confusing their relationship history has been, it definitely feels like fans deserve some clear answers.