The Jonas Brothers May Be Getting Back Together & Everyone Is Losing It

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Do you remember where you were when the Jonas Brothers announced their break up in October of 2013? If you’re a fan, chances are that day was full of disappointment (and maybe even a few tears) but now, we all may have something to smile about again. Rumor has it that the Jonas Brothers may get back together for a reunion, and as you can probably expect, the entire internet seems to be freaking out.

The madness started on Monday night, when some fans noticed that their official Instagram had been reactivated, seemingly out of left field. So far, they have yet to share anything new, and the last post of their account is a photo they shared on July 22, 2013 from an acoustic performance they did in Boston.

Playing acoustic with KISS108 before the show tonight in Boston!

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Reactivating their Instagram is literally the only clue pointing to a reunion so far, but that hasn’t stopped a lot of people from revisiting their love for these brothers and speculating about the Jo Bros back together in 2018. And, like many events in pop culture, the thought of the Jonas Brothers recording new music or even going on tour together again to sing the old stuff has fans flocking to Twitter to share their hilarious thoughts on the subject.

There’s this girl, who’s ready to whip out all of her old posters (and don’t lie, so many of us had bedrooms that looked exactly like this in middle and high school):

And then there’s this tweet, which points out how quickly so many of us are going to get back to our fangirl roots:

And of course, we would all be remiss if we talked about the Jonas Brothers without talking about another reunion that needs to happen: One Direction’s.

Now, it’s time to inject a little reality into this massive party fans seem to be throwing (sorry, somebody had to do it).  JB getting the band back together might be a little more difficult than you might think, considering the guys’ current schedules. Kevin Jonas is now a father of two with his wife, Danielle, and Joe and Nick Jonas have obviously become very successful with their own projects. Would they even be able to make time after their individual careers and family lives to record together or tour? For that reason, a reunion might be a long shot.

However, that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. The Instagram being reactivated could be a mistake or could mean something else entirely, but for now, can we all just bask in the hope that Joe, Nick, and Kevin will take the stage together one more time? It’s a beautiful dream, isn’t it?