Jimmy Fallon And Maroon 5 Throw On Busker Disguises To Surprise Fans On The Subway

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Fans of The Tonight Show can almost always expect something crazy to happen on every installment. If host Jimmy Fallon isn't putting his guests up to crazy tasks, then he's playing games with them or has them acting in skits. He's made superstar celebrities slam hard boiled eggs on their heads before! It feels like Justin Timberlake has been in a million skits on The Tonight Show at this point. JT did not visit the show this time (but we're sure he'll be back soon) instead, Jimmy enlisted the help of another sexy singer to keep audiences entertained.

Before the show's taping on Tuesday, Jimmy posted a teaser video on Instagram hinting that something big would be coming that night during the episode. And boy, did he deliver!

All new Tonight Show tonight!!! Check it out – 11:30 NBC. #FallonTonight

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One of the best segments Jimmy has done in the past is going undercover in a disguise with his celebrity guest to mess with fans. Typically, they surprise people on subway platforms, and sure enough, he brought that segment back. This time, he got the help of Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and the band's guitarist James Valentine. The three of them dressed up as buskers (aka street performers) and descended into the New York City subway. In their disguises, Jimmy, James, and Adam all perfectly fit in. Any New Yorker would have walked right past them like it was a normal day. In fact — many did!

For their little busker group, Adam was lead vocals (obviously), while Jimmy played the harmonica, and James played guitar. The group performed “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and “Sugar” with a bit of a bluegrass feel, minus the banjo. Adam even tried to disguise his voice a bit as he sang, but any true fan of Adam Levine would be able to recognize his voice. As they performed together, a crowd started to form around them. After the crowd got big enough, they revealed who they really were and people went nuts!

You can see the entire hilarious video below:

Tbh, we're just bummed we weren't there. HOWEVER, truth be told, we probably would've been one of those people rushing by with no time to stop and appreciate the music. Maybe now that'll change!