Jersey Shore Star Ronnie’s Ex Jen Told Cops He Hit Her Multiple Times Before Arrest

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Jersey Shore star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro‘s baby mama drama just keeps getting worse. As previously reported, Jen Harley was arrested for domestic battery Sunday night, June 24, in Vegas after she allegedly attacked Ronnie while the two were driving home. To make matters worse, she then dragged him with her car, leaving him with cuts and bruises. Now, TMZ reports that during police questioning, Jen told the cops that Ronnie struck her multiple times during their fight.

At the time of the arrest, police said Ronnie was bleeding, and that officers determined Jen was the aggressor. However, Jen claims Ronnie’s aggressive behavior is was led to this whole situation. She said he reached for the steering wheel and struck her more than once, adding that the only reason she pulled over to the side of the road was so that she could take their 3-month-old daughter, Ariana Sky, out of the car. She said she tried to wave down other drivers for help.

Both of these people seem like they need to get their $h*! together, but TBH, we’re just concerned about the pair’s baby girl. It’s unfair that she has to be put through this kind of drama and danger. Jen gave birth to Ariana back in April and since then, she and Ronnie’s relationship has been worse than ever.

According to TMZ, Ronnie is looking to get lawyers involved for custody of their daughter. Sources close to the reality star say Ariana has been staying with him since the arrest and that his mom has been helping him. Jen is allowed to see the baby, but she and Ronnie are not on speaking terms at the moment. As of right now, the two don’t have a formal custody arrangement, so Ronnie wants to make sure he gets 50/50 joint custody – and after Jen’s arrest this weekend, he will likely get it.

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The couple has gotten in multiple physical altercations throughout the course of their relationship, one of which will probably be featured of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation next season. Jen reportedly showed up to his hotel on June 7 – where the gang was filming an episode for season two – and she and Ronnie got into a heated argument that resulted in her allegedly spitting and hitting him before leaving the scene.

In a recent episode of this season’s Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Ronnie reflected on his relationship with Jen by revealing that he isn’t happy and that their troubles are taking a toll on him. At the end of the episode (while taping a confessional), he even started to cry.

“After talking to Vinny’s mom and seeing the happiness that Mike has, I’m realizing I have to re-evaluate my life and myself and my relationship,” he said. “Everyone else goes and they f**king live their life and they’re f*cking happy and I don’t f*cking have all the sh*t they have. It’s just me.”

Though we don’t know what really goes on in Ronnie and Jen’s relationship behind closed doors, it’s pretty clear that they shouldn’t be together because their relationship is toxic. Now, they just need to learn how to successfully co-parent their daughter and give her as happy a life as possible. Clearly, something isn’t working and to continue putting themselves through all of this drama is only hurting their baby and themselves.