Jenni “JWoww” Farley Reveals She Suffered Miscarriage Before Jersey Shore Season 4

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Jenni  JWoww  Farley Reveals She Suffered Miscarriage Before  em Jersey Shore em  Season 4 jenni jwoww farley suffered miscarriage jpg jpeg

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Following the success of Jersey Shore, Jenni “JWoww” Farley went on to marry the love of her life, Roger Mathews, and together they have two beautiful children. But what we didn’t know is that the reality star suffered a miscarriage in 2011. During an emotional conversation with co-star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino on last night’s episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, JWoww opened up about the baby she lost shortly before filming the fourth season of their hit show in Italy.

“Right before Italy, like three or four weeks before Italy, my grandmother passed. And me and Roger actually lost a baby, like I ended up pregnant. Not a lot of people know,” she revealed.

“And they put me on medication because of it, I couldn’t handle life,” JWoww recalled. “But the medication, it was like Xanax. It would take me down – it was making me so groggy. Then I started taking uppers with it, segway right into Italy. I was a f*cking mess.”

Thankfully, JWoww found the strength to overcome her heartbreak and later married Roger in October 2015, just one year after she gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Meilani Alexandra. Then in May 2016, the couple welcomed their adorable son Greyson Valor.

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But JWoww isn’t the only one who opened up during last night’s episode. Mike also discussed his struggle to stay sober during the Italy season, admitting that his behavior – especially his fights with Ronnie Magro-Ortiz – were caused by alcohol and drug withdrawals. Who can forget the time he bashed his head into a cement wall? Those were some of the most dramatic moments on the show, but luckily those days are behind him. These days, Mike is completely focused on his sobriety – and if you’ve been tuning into the Jersey Shore revival, you can tell that he’s very serious about staying sober.

“I didn’t want to admit it to people at that time period. I tried to get my sh*t together last time we were at Jersey Shore. I didn’t have it together, but it was a big attempt. I just didn’t know how to do it. I was trying to do it by myself. I would be sober for a year, but still maybe… smoking cigarettes, smoking weed. I had to realize my personality was an obsessive personality,” he said, adding that he was that way with everything which is why he needed to get a handle on himself.

He went on to say that the experience has completely humbled him and that if he could get sober, then anyone can. “Listen, there is hope for the youth the way the Sit came out on top,” he said.

We love sober Mike. Not only is he’s responsible, but he gets the rest of the gang home safe after their nights of debauchery!