Surprise! Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet Tied the Knot in a Secret Wedding

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It's safe to say that Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet are now officially the most beautiful *married* couple in the world. After 12 years and two kids together, the pair tied the knot in a secret wedding we totally wish we could have been there to see.

According to People, the former Games of Thrones and Cosby Show stars wed in “an intimate celebration” in early October at their home in Topanga, California. Lisa's daughter Zoรซ Kravitz attended the wedding of course, although there is no confirmation as to whether or not Lisa's ex, Lenny Kravitz, was also a part of the celebration.

Aside from family, Us Weekly reports the wedding included some of the couple's famous friends, such as Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander. Ironically, Michael and Alicia also secretly wed last month in Ibiza. Perhaps the couple inspired Jason and Lisa to do the same!

Did anyone else think they were already married? They sure had us fooled! In the past, they've been spotted wearing rings on their left ring fingers. Jason has even referred to Lisa as his wife!

So how did these two dreamboats even meet? Well, Jason, who calls Lisa his “dream woman,” revealed they met through mutual friends in 2006.

“It just happened on a serendipitous night and we just kind of met and I thought she left, but I was living out of a hotel and I invited her to the diner,” he told The Huffington Post, before calling himself a fool. “She ended up liking me, so that was good enough.โ€

The rest is history! Now, the couple shares two beautiful children together โ€“ Lola Iolani, 10, and Nakoa-Wolf, 8 โ€“ and are extremely supportive of one another and their careers. Back in August, Lisa surprised Jason on the set of his upcoming movie, Aquaman, in Australia. Since the actor had to be away for work on his birthday, she brought their family and friends to him.

UMMM — sorry, but this family is just too damn cute. We couldn't be happier for the newlyweds and their kiddos!