All The Hidden Messages In Taylor Swift’s “End Game” Music Video

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All the Hidden Messages in Taylor Swift s  End Game  Music Video end game gif

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Taylor Swift‘s “End Game” music video finally dropped at midnight last night – and as you probably expected, there are tons of hidden messages to be found! Aside from the fact that it’s a great music video, the hidden easter eggs are what make it even better. However, we are a little bummed out that Katy Perry didn’t make the cameo we all thought she was going to make. It turns out, the woman fans thought was the singer was probably just a backup dancer. It doesn’t matter though, because Taylor made up for it by living up to her big reputation, anyway.

Here’s a little synopsis of the music video before we get to the good stuff! Both Ed Sheeran and Future make appearances to sing their parts in the “End Game,” and we’ve gotta admit that Taylor has chemistry with the both of them. So much so, that some fans are shipping Ed and Taylor so bad! But before we get ahead of ourselves here, let’s remind everyone that the two are just friends. The video sees Taylor jetting off to cities like Miami, Tokyo, and London, where she dances on yachts, sings karaoke, and parties on New Year’s Eve.

Watch Taylor living her best life in the video below:

Now that you’ve watched, let’s see if you caught all the easter eggs! We can always count on Swifties to read into every one of Taylor’s songs and music videos – and that’s exactly what we did here!

1. She makes more than one snake reference.

As you may remember, during the great Kim Kardashian Snapchat debacle of 2016, haters flooded T.Swift’s Instagram comments with snake emoji to shame her for being ~shady~. Clearly, Taylor has reclaimed the snake for herself.

2. She makes sure to include her cat.

But is that Meredith Grey or Olivia Benson? (Yes, those are really her cats’ names.)

3. She also shows her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, some love.

There’s also a sign in the background of one shot that says Joe in Japanese, according to a fan.

4. Her lucky number 13 is spotted two times.

5. Even the juice box has a hidden message.

6. She references old versions of herself.

7. …As well as lyrics from other songs.

Also, in case you’re curious about who fans thought was Katy, here she is.

So there you have it! What a wild ride from start to finish, right? It almost feels like you’ll miss something if you blink! But one another thing we noticed is how she ends in London (where Joe is from), after parting around the world searching for her end game. So cute! T.Swift never disappoints, that’s for sure, and she’s def got us looking forward to her next music video!