Harry Styles Producing Sitcom Based On His Early One Direction Days

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Harry Styles Producing Sitcom Based on His Early One Direction Days harry styles gif


Did you know that back when Harry Styles first rose to fame with One Direction, he lived with his friend Ben Winston and his wife Meredith for over a year and a half? It’s OK, we had no idea either! It turns out, the living arrangement was only meant to last a few weeks – since Harry was waiting for work to be finished on his own house – but he ended up living at the couple’s home for much longer than that. Ben has admitted that Harry made their house a home and that when he eventually moved out, they were “gutted.” Well, now Ben and Harry are using the story as inspiration for a sitcom they will executive produce on CBS called Happy Together!

The show will star Damon Wayans Jr. (who played Coach on NBC’s New Girl) and Amber Stevens West (22 Jump Street) as “a thirty-something couple, tired of their mundane life, start to reconnect with their younger, cooler selves when an emerging pop star, who is drawn to their super-normal suburban life, moves in,” according to the network’s official description.

The four-minute trailer for the series was revealed on Wednesday, May 16 and it features the dashingly handsome Australian actor, Felix Mallard, playing Harry-lookalike Cooper James. Also, we don’t want to assume, but could the girl in the clip be a low-key reference to Harry’s relationship with Taylor Swift? The actress is blonde and shares an uncanny resemblance to the “Shake It Off” singer. She’s also the reason why Cooper has to hide at his friend’s house in the first place.

Check out the trailer below!

Felix recently opened up about Harry’s involvement with the show, saying, “I got to chat with him when we were first deciding to do the show and he’s really excited. He knows that it’s a story based on his life and he gets to produce a TV show which is fantastic for his career,” he said.

Are you guys excited? We certainly are. If you’re a fan of Harry’s, then you know that he’s a man of few words. We hardly know anything about his personal life (except for some of the high-profile woman he dated like Kendall Jenner), but besides that, he’s not one to share many details. We didn’t even know he lived his friend for 20 months until now! But that fact that Harry is backing up a show that is based on his life means that he’s willing to share more of himself with the world. It’ll be interesting to see which parts of his life make the cut and whether the character’s personality will be like Harry’s.

In case you didn’t know, Harry’s fellow bandmate Zayn Malik was also supposed to develop a show at NBC about One Direction called Boys. Back in 2016, it was revealed that the singer was working on the project with Law & Order creator Dick Wolf, but it was never confirmed or picked up by the network. We wonder how Zayn must feel now that Harry’s is going to produce his own show…

Happy Together will air on Mondays at 8:30 p.m ET on CBS starting this upcoming fall.