Harry Styles Covered For James Corden Last Night & Now Fans Want Him To Have His Own Show

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Harry Styles Covered for James Corden Last Night   Now Fans Want Him to Have His Own Show harry styles gif gif

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Harry Styles unexpectedly took over the Late Late Show last night after James Corden‘s wife went into labor! So not only is the former One Direction boy bander an incredible musician, but he’s the best friend that anyone could ever have! He’s also one hell of a host. “Donald Trump finally got tired of James’ jokes and deported him back to England,” Harry joked, before revealing the real reason his gorgeous face was filling in for James on such short notice.

According to Harry, who visited the hospital before heading to the CBS set, the baby “looks a lot like James, mainly because James looks like a giant baby.” LOL.

But, aside from his perfectly delivered comedy, Harry even poked fun at controversial Republican candidate Roy Moore. “I don’t know too much about hoofed animals,” Harry said, mocking Roy’s decision to ride a horse to the polls to vote for himself, “but I’m pretty sure that’s an ass.”

Watch him host the show like the true professional that he is in the video below! We also dare you not to smile all the way through. It’s practically impossible…

Following the show, James thanked Harry for filling in for him.

Less than three hours notice? Now that takes some serious talent! Who knew Harry was the late night host we never knew we needed?! His fans seem to think so, too.

How do we start a petition to get him his own show? It’s safe to say we all know what Harry will do if he ever decides to stop making music… Come on, he was a natural on that stage!