The Harry Potter Movies Are Officially Coming To HBO

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Any true Harry Potter fan knows the pain of having the HP craving before realizing that you’ll actually have to buy it on iTunes if you want to indulge — especially because the DVDs you bought the day they came out have been rendered useless since the disc drive became obsolete. And you know Freeform’s Harry Potter weekends don’t happen nearly often enough to coincide with this cycle of dissappointment. But now, there’s a new network where you can watch this magical movie franchise. It’s official: every single Harry Potter movie is coming to HBO, and there are so many reasons that this is an exciting new development for fans everywhere.

According to E! Online, HBO has acquired the rights to all eight movies in the series and plans to give those who subscribe to the channel all kinds of ways to access the wizard-y goodness. The fun kicks off on January 1, when HBO will air all the movies in marathon form — including Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them.— starting at 9 a.m. EST, and then will air one movie each night starting the next day. Um, sounds like the perfect way to ring in 2018 if you ask us. Also, no commercial breaks!

And then, of course, there’s the best news of all: that the movies will also be available for streaming on HBO Go and HBO Now, which means that subscribers can watch the movies on demand wherever they want. That’s pretty cool, especially for those of us who want to give our morning commute a boost.

Really, we couldn’t think of a perfect time to watch the movies over again than right as the holiday season winds down. After all, the Harry Potter movies have always felt like holiday togetherness on a screen, so why not celebrate the New Year with our favorite magical folks? And chances are, most of us will still be out of work and school with plenty of time on our hands to watch that marathon in the way it’s meant to be viewed: in PJs, preferably while ordering a pizza. And drinking Butterbeer, of course, because that’s how Harry would have wanted it (and this recipe sounds really, really good).

Since this is the first time the movies will be on a streaming platform, this is a pretty big deal — whether you’re part of the tiny percentage of the population who’s never seen these movies, or if you’re just ready to watch them again for the hundredth time. And an HBO Now membership might not be a bad gift to give someone for Christmas, especially after this news. Hey, HBO Now is only $15 a month. Can you really put a price on being able to watch Harry Potter whenever you want?