Emilia Clarke Dishes On Gender Parity On The Game Of Thrones Set

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Emilia Clarke Dishes on Gender Parity on the  em Game of Thrones em  Set emilia clarke got gif


We might have a lot of waiting to do until the final season of Game of Thrones airs on HBO, but we know it’ll be worth it. Now, Emilia Clarke has teased fans by saying that the finale will be totally unexpected – and talking about how amazing the GOT set it when it comes to gender equality.

Obviously, the actress managed to spill a few details about the big ending without revealing a single spoiler. Ugh, are all of the actors on the show highly trained not to say too much? Because they never do. Unfortunately, even Khaleesi doesn’t know how it will all end – at least that’s what she claims! “I don’t know,” she said. “But we do have ideas, don’t we? It will be what none of us think it will be, I’m pretty sure.”

Emilia, who is in the middle of shooting the series, attended the Cannes Film Festival with the cast of the forthcoming film Solo: A Star Wars Story. However, she took the time to discuss GoT and even got emotional at the thought of the series coming to end. “It really feels like preparing to leave home,” she said. “So it’s exciting, but it’s sad and scary all at the same time… it’s been my entire life and it’s been my entire twenties, and then some. It’s been my whole everything.”

But just in case you need another reason to love GoT, Emilia also revealed that she’s been receiving equal pay ever since the show first started in 2011. “On Game of Thrones, I have always been paid the same amount as my male co-stars,” Emilia told Variety. “It was my first job and I was not discriminated against because I was a woman, in my paycheck.”

In fact, when she was asked about The Crown’s gender pay gap and how Claire Foy was paid less than Matt Smith, Emilia said the revelation was “shocking, actually shocking.”

“I think it’s mainly in the beginning, just be aware of [gender parity] and going, ‘Can you just check?’ You just start to fight harder for that stuff. It’s really difficult because this is a problem that has been around forever so changing it overnight is impossible,” she explained.

We’re so glad to hear that the gender pay gap is not an issue on the set of GoT. The show is notoriously one of the most expensive series to film, with some of the cast earning up to millions of dollars per episode. It’s also one of the best shows on TV, so we’re not surprised they’re ALL making big bucks.

We seriously cannot wait to see how this series ends. They’ve been teasing it since the start, and it’ll be amazing to finally get all our questions (and theories) answered once and for all! For example, will Jamie kill Cersei? Is Bran actually the Night King? Will John and Daenerys have a love child? AH!

GoT’s final season is expected to air on HBO in 2019!