Former Bachelor Contestants Are Flipping Out At Arie Luyendyk Jr. On Twitter

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No matter who you wanted Arie Luyendyk Jr. to give his final rose to on Monday night’s Bachelor finale, here’s something we can probably all agree on: that man did Becca Kufrin dirty. He promised to “choose [her] every day” in his proposal, and then, minutes later, fans watched him swiftly break that promise as he blindsided her on camera to get back together with his runner-up, Lauren Burnham, weeks later in some seriously painful unedited footage. As if it’s not bad enough that Arie ended their engagement to be with someone else in the first place, it’s even worse that he had to do it on camera, and if you’re royally pissed off, don’t worry — you’re not the only one.

So many former contestants in Bachelor Nation have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on Monday’s episode, and let’s just say that none of them are very impressed… including Jason Mesnick, who actually did something similar on his season of The Bachelor with Melissa Rycroft and Molly Malaney. And yet, even he seemed to be majorly cringing over this finale, along with former fellow Bachelor Ben Higgins:

Molly Melaney Mesnick (who was pretty much the Lauren of her season) also had something to say to Arie.

Jef Holm, who competed with Arie for Emily Maynard‘s heart five years ago, had a few choice words.

And then there was Becca Tilley, who’s been around the block in this situation a time or two. After having been eliminated on The Bachelor twice — once during a final rose ceremony — she’s pretty qualified to comment, and even she was seriously horrified about what went down.

Vanessa Grimaldi, who was engaged to Bachelor Nick Viall until they broke up not long after their finale aired, also weighed in. For the record, she is right — there’s a good chance all fans of The Bachelor woke up in a bad mood this morning.

Former Bachelor Sean Lowe also let us know what was going on in his house while the episode was on, and it sounds like his wife (and final Bach pick), Catherine Lowe, wasn’t too pleased about the situation. Can you blame her? Nobody was!

Jade Roper was mostly just impressed with the way that Becca stayed calm and kept her composure, and seriously, everybody should be. Who else could have handled a televised breakup in the way that she did? She didn’t flip out once!

And of course, Ashley Iaconetti coming in clutch with the way Arie should have handled things.

And, of course, a few of the women who competed on Arie’s season had some words.

Bekah Martinez also revealed that Arie had been sliding into her DM’s post-Bachelor.

dm’ing your ex on twitter is a great look too, no? ?☕️ #teampetty #teambecca

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SPILL THAT TEA, GIRL. And just in case you haven’t had enough, don’t worry — the next part of the finale airs tonight, so we can all suffer through how awkward and awful this was one more time before this season finally ends for good. We’ll be checking Twitter all night to see what these contestants have to say about it. Across the board, it seems like the general consensus is that Arie sucks, so he should probably stay away from his phone for awhile. Maybe even forever.