Emily Maynard Won’t Watch Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s Season Of The Bachelor

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Now that we’re just a little over a week away from Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of The Bachelor beginning, fans are getting pretty psyched to see another love story unfold (hopefully). But there’s one person connected to the franchise who doesn’t plan to watch this season at all: Emily Maynard.

When Emily was The Bachelorette, Arie was her runner-up, and they seemed to be super in love… until it all fell apart when she decided to choose Jef Holm instead. Arie was totally heartbroken and completely blindsided by the fact that Emily didn’t pick him. Later, he even drove to Emily’s home in West Virginia to deliver his journal to her doorstep after filming concluded in hopes that she might read it and change her mind about him.

But Emily never read the journal, and now, she’s not going to make herself part of Arie’s journey to love, either — but it’s not because there are any hard feelings between the exes. While talking to People, Emily revealed that while she’s been rooting for Arie to become the Bachelor for a long time and she thinks it’ll make great TV, it’s not “TV that will be watched in my house.”

“I feel like it would probably not be appropriate,” Emily told the mag.

Even though plenty of Bachelor and Bachelorette stars eagerly tune in to watch the runner-ups from their season on future installments, Emily’s not joining that club — not that it’s surprising, knowing Emily. She didn’t read that journal because she felt doing so would be disrespectful to Jef, and now, it seems she’s not watching The Bachelor out of respect for her current husband, Tyler Johnson, with whom she has three kids (plus her daughter, Ricki, from a pre-Bachelor relationship).

We get why she wouldn’t want to watch — the whole disrespect thing plus, you know, it has to be really weird watching your ex date a bunch of women, even if you did it yourself, on TV every week. But we are a little bummed we can’t count on Emily sharing her thoughts on all the episodes as they air… and what she thinks about Arie’s contestants. Being that she’s been both a Bachelorette and in a romantic relationship with Arie, we’d been hoping she’d share her insight with us on Twitter.

The rest of us will be watching the show plenty to make up for what Emily’s missing, though. Is January 1 here yet?