Grey’s Anatomy Hottie Jesse Williams Leaves Demi Lovato at the Altar in “Tell Me You Love Me” Video

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Get ready to be caught up in Demi Lovato‘s haunting new music video, “Tell Me You Love Me,” which features Grey's Anatomy hunk, Jesse Williams all dressed up in a tux on this wedding day. But before you get too excited, just know the video will leave you feeling completely heartbroken. The singer's dream wedding turns into every bride's nightmare after her fiancé leaves her at the altar.

But aside from the fact that Demi and Jesse's on-screen chemistry is pretty spot-on, the video itself is filmed beautifully. It looks like a movie. It's seven minutes long and chronicles the couple getting engaged, the arguments that followed, and finally the actual doomed wedding. It also allowed us to catch a glimpse at what Demi will look like as a bride on her wedding day. Spoiler alert: freaking gorgeous.

We truly can't decide who looks more beautiful — Jesse or Demi? It's hard to choose since they've both literally never looked better. Stunning.

demi lovato tell me you love me

tell me you love me music video

tell me you love me music video

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You're welcome! We're ready to make Jesse's face our phone and computer backgrounds right now. Look, we won't lie and say we weren't hoping for a happy ending in this music video, but Dems actually had a pretty perfect reason for not giving this music video couple a fairytale conclusion.

“This song is one of my favorites which is why I named my album after it,” Demi said in a statement that accompanied the music video. “I not only love singing it but I think the underlying meaning is important for people to know. At the end of the day, you have everything you need standing right in front of you. And that's yourself.”

We don't want to assume, but perhaps the song and video have a deeper meaning for Demi, who broke up with her longtime boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama in June 2016. Many fans thought the two would be together forever, however, it turns out he wasn't the former Disney Channel star's happy ending.

“I've never loved anybody like I loved Wilmer — and I still love Wilmer,” she said in her documentary, Simply Complicated. “We decided together that we're just probably better as friends.”

Whatever the case may be, Demi seems to be in a great place in her life. Not only does she look greater than ever, but her new music has received generally positive reviews from music critics. Plus, just getting the chance to make the video was a great time for Demi.

“Shooting this video was really fun too! We had a full-on wedding and my best friends were even my bridesmaids and groomsmen. The locations were absolutely beautiful. It was perfect and I'm so excited to show everyone!” she said in the release statement.

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