Cole Sprouse Jokes To Jimmy Fallon That Jughead Jones Will Die On Riverdale

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Cole Sprouse Jokes to Jimmy Fallon That Jughead Jones Will Die on  em Riverdale em  riverdale jughead gif

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What’s Riverdale without Juggy?! Cole Sprouse joked that his character, Jughead Jones, might die on the show. Not funny! During his appearance on The Tonight Show, he told host Jimmy Fallon that Jughead his set to die in season two. Obviously, he’s joking because you can’t just reveal HUGE spoilers like that! Also, the actor has previously said he wanted to play Jug due to the fact that his character can’t die because he’s Riverdale‘s narrator. We rest our case. We can all breathe a little easier now.

It all started when Jimmy asked, “Can we talk about Riverdale and maybe give us a spoiler or something fun?” to which Cole replied with a straight face, “I die.”

Good one, Cole. The only way we see that happening is if something goes terribly wrong with the Serpents. But even then, the show’s writers would NEVER kill off one of the main four. …right? Jimmy points that out, and mentioned that Riverdale has the best cast on TV right now. (We agree!)

Cole did confirm that he’s definitely part of the Serpents now. “Season two I’m riding a motorcycle and wielding a switchblade, which is something my little quivering Disney self never thought would happen, if I’m being quite honest about it,” Cole said. “I’m in the gang.”

As for what people can expect from the mid-season return, Cole did eventually answer seriously.

“The first half of the season has been us preparing for this impending and possible riot. Much of Jughead’s narrative was him being positioned on either side of this and trying to mediate this,” he revealed. “So the second half of the season is me in a leather jacket, with a comb, on a motorcycle, with one foot on either side of this impending war.”

Watch Cole’s full interview below!

That’s enough for us to get super excited about tonight’s new episode! Last we checked, the Black Hood had been identified, Barchie kissed, Cheryl has a crush on Josie, and someone was spying on Archie and Veronica outside his house on Christmas. We have so many questions! We can also expect to see Betty’s long lost brother Chic make an appearance, who will be played by Hart Denton.

Elsewhere in Cole’s interview, Jimmy showed everyone a photo of the actor and his twin brother, Dylan Sprouse, during their first-ever appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 1999. That’s also 20 years ago when Cole and Dylan were the stars of Big Daddy and appearing as Ross’s son on Friends.

“I can’t even tell which one is me,” Cole said while looking at the cute pic. “I remember my brother, and you can see by his posture, he was talking the whole time.”

Too freakin cute! The pair have both grown up to be quite the handsome twosome. Let’s not forget to mention that they’re also both hilarious AF, too. Now, if only Dylan would make a guest appearance on Riverdale… that would make all our dreams come true!