This Is Us Star Chrissy Metz Opens Up About Being Abused By Her Stepfather

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Though she’s inspired millions of people through her role as Kate on NBC’s This Is Us, Chrissy Metz’s road to success hasn’t been an easy one. In her new book This Is Me, the actress opens up about life before fame and the abuse she endured as a child at the hands of her stepfather. When she was just a little girl, her mother married a man she refers to as Trigger, whom she claims abused and fat-shamed her.

Chrissy, who appears on this week’s cover of People, shared a some devastating excerpts from her new memoir with the magazine – and her words not not easy to read.

“My body seemed to offend him, but he couldn’t help but stare, especially when I was eating. He joked about putting a lock on the refrigerator. We had lived with a lack of food for so long that when it was there, I felt like I had to eat it before it disappeared. Food was my only happiness,” she writes.

Chrissy went on to explain that she began hiding her eating and sneaking into the bathroom to eat in the middle of the night while the rest of the house was asleep – symptoms common for people living with eating disorders.

But the older Chrissy got, the worse Trigger made her feel about her weight, noting that her mother never saw how Trigger treated her because she was always working. “When I was fourteen, Trigger began weighing me,” she writes. “He’d get the scale from the bathroom and clang it hard on the kitchen floor. ‘Well, get on the damn thing!’ Trigger would yell. ‘This is what you need to know.’”

Trigger’s verbal abuse eventually turned physical and though Chrissy says he never punched her face, he would punch her body. “He shoved me, slapped me, punched my arm. He would hit me if he thought I looked at him wrong. I remember being on the kitchen floor after he knocked me over, and I was begging to know what I did. He just shoved me hard with his foot,” she writes.

Chrissy said at one point it got so bad that she thought if she had a gun she would actually try to kill her stepfather. Fortunately, it never escalated to that level.

The fact that Chrissy had to endure such physical and emotional abuse at such a young age is truly tragic, but her willingness to be open about it serves as such inspiration to other victims of violence. Chrissy explained that despite everything, she had conflicted feelings towards Trigger because he did more for her than her biological father ever did.

These days, she says she and her stepfather are now in a “positive place” in their relationship. “We have a relationship now,” she writes. “I do love him and I do care about him.”

On-and-off the TV screen, Chrissy continues to prove how much strength she has. It’s incredible that she is able to look back on at her troubling past with such empathy and openness.