Chloë Grace Moretz Throws Shade At Brooklyn Beckham During Interview

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Chlo  Grace Moretz Throws Shade at Brooklyn Beckham During Interview chloebrooklyn jpg

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Just days after she was spotted hanging out with Dylan O’Brien (twice in one week!), Chloë Grace Moretz is opening up about her ex’s recent PDA. In an interview with The Sunday TimesChloë threw some major shade Brooklyn Beckham‘s way when she was talking about her past relationships… and what it’s like for her exes’ new relationships to show up right in front of her when she’s scrolling through Twitter.

After an on-again-off-again relationship that spanned over two years, Chloë and Brooklyn seemed to call it quits for good back in April when he was first spotted getting cozy with his new girlfriend, model Lexi Wood. And now, Chloë is speaking out about what it’s been like for her to be apart from David Beckham‘s oldest son and see him dating someone else at the same time… and let’s just say she’s not impressed with the paparazzi pictures that have been emerging since he and Lexi first got together.

“Breakups are hard across the board, but when every verified account on Twitter posts something about me I get tagged,” Chloë said. “And every major publication is verified. So anytime they post something about a certain relationship, it pops up on my phone, which is how I find out about 90% of things.”

And then, when The Sunday Times asked her if there was anything she wanted to address when it comes to Brooklyn, that is when the shade happened. At first, she said she wanted “nothing to be said,” but then, she changed her mind and let her true feelings out.

“I’m not a big fan of PDAs in general,” she said. “I personally don’t want to see people posted all over my phone making out.”

She’s most likely referring to those photos we mentioned earlier — and if you haven’t seen them, you can check them out on People. Honestly, we can’t blame her for being a little salty about it. Like she said, it sucks to deal with a breakup NMW, but we can’t even imagine what it must be like to get notifications straight to your phone that your ex is seeing someone else. And then, add in a few pictures of them kissing? We’d pretty much go crazy living like that. Does anyone want those kinds of pictures on their phone? Probably not.

We can relate to how hard that must have been for her, and hopefully, it’s something Chloë will be able to move past in the future (if she hasn’t already). After all, she’s amazing and so talented — eventually, it’ll be Brooklyn getting notifications to his phone that Chloë’s been kissing someone new. It’s the circle of life, right? Or at least the circle of celebrity relationships.