Charmed Reboot Star Says They’re “Not Trying To Replace” The OG Cast

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New Charmed star Ser’Darius Blain wants to make one very important thing clear: the reboot is not trying to replace the original cast members Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, Shannen Doherty, and Rose McGowan. In case you didn’t know, there has been a little hostility between the new and OG cast members. Though the feud hasn’t escalated beyond tweets and disapproving opinions, it has shed a negative light on the forthcoming reboot among fans.

“Honestly, it’s sad for me,” Ser’Darius told ET. “I don’t like that there is so much discord between the old and the new. I wish we could just come together, find a happy medium and all be happy.”

Ever since the reboot has been announced, fans are literally torn between whether they’ll tune in or not – and it’s all because they think Charmed is too sacred for a reboot. But Ser’Darius, who plays Galvin, a potential love interest for Macy Pruitt (Madeleine Mantock), said fans don’t have anything to worry about because the new cast is not going to just forget about the originals.

“I think old fans are afraid we’re going to completely forget what was built before us or not going to pay homage to it and it’s very much the opposite,” he added. “[I] hope we get to see each other at Comic-Con or something. I hope they do not think we are trying to take their legacy or anything because it is not the case. If we could have them cameo, we wouldn’t say no.”

TBH, we would love to see the OG cast make a surprise appearance on the reboot, but it doesn’t seem like any of them would be up for it. In the months since the reboot was announced and the trailer was released, pretty much all of the original cast members have rejected the idea of a reboot. Holly, in particular, has made it clear that she wants nothing to do with the new show. The actress, who played Piper Halliwell on the OG series from 1998 to 2006, tweeted a screenshot in May to share some of her thoughts, including her irritation with the show’s marketing. The CW has been promoting the reboot as “feminist,” which she believes the show was 12 years ago.

While we understand some of her frustrations, we also need to keep in mind that we’re in an era of reboots. Yes, nothing will EVER come close to the OG, nor will any reboot ever replace it. However, fans should keep an open mind to the new actresses – Madeleine, Melonie Diaz, and Sarah Jeffery – coming in to play these (very different) characters. We’ll have to give it a chance when Charmed premieres Sunday, Oct. 14 at 9 PM ET on The CW!