Batwoman Series In Development For The CW’s Arrowverse

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First, there was Arrow starring Stephen Amell. Soon after, The Flash sped onto our TV screens after making his debut on the Starling City-based show. Then we got Supergirl and not long after, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Now, it looks like another DC comics series will be joining the other four on The CW‘s Arrowverse. Since all the series take place in the same universe (albeit on different Earths in Supergirl‘s case, and different eras when it comes to Legends of Tomorrow), once a year, the four shows have one epic crossover event. Last year’s Crisis on Earth X was hectic, to say the least, but wholly impressive. Last May at The CW’s upfront, it was announced that Batwoman would be making an appearance during the multi-episode crossover.

Now, it looks like the character – who is the first openly gay female superhero in DC comics, BTW – is getting a show of her own. Or at least, it’s in the works, according to Deadline. The series hasn’t officially been picked up yet, but considering some of the brains behind the operation, we can all feel pretty confident it will be. Caroline Dries, who wrote and produced on The Vampire Diaries and the Melrose Place reboot has been tapped as the executive producer and writer for the Batwoman project. Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter will also be producing under Berlanti Productions, which is tied to all shows in the Arrowverse – as well as other CW greats like Riverdale and Black Lightning.

Batwoman joins other LGBTQ+ characters in the Arrowverse such as Sara Lance/White Canary from Legends of Tomorrow and Alex Danvers on Supergirl. However, considering The CW’s somewhat messy history with queer representation (i.e., they infamously killed off fan-favorite LGBTQ+ character Lexa on The 100 in a move many said played into the “Bury Your Gays” trope, where queer characters are seen as disposible in mainstream narratives), adding another positive portrayal into the mix can only be seen as a good thing. That is as long as it’s done well.

We’ll be watching this year’s Arrowverse crossover event in December extra closely as we try to get as many hints about the new character as possible – and what her show could be about. If The CW decides to pick up the Batwoman project, it will likely hit the network in 2019.