Bachelor Stars Dean Unglert & Lesley Murphy Break Silence After Split

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It’s been one hard week for Bachelor Nation. After finding out that Clare Crawley and fiancé Benoit Beausejour-Savard ended their engagement, E! News reported that another Bachelor Winter Games couple has called it quits, too. Well, now we know for sure that Bachelor fan-favorites Lesley Murphy and Dean Unglert have split up. Though neither of them have directly addressed the break up, Lesley broke her silence over the weekend by sharing a lengthy Instagram post.

She posted a photo of herself inside a room in Vermont as she watched snow fall outside her winter. In her caption, she wrote that it didn’t feel right to focus on her vacation without giving her fans the explanation she felt they deserved following the split. She also used the opportunity to thank her fans for all the love and support they’ve show her over the past few days.

“I spent 5 years away from Bachelor Nation as I lived abroad and traveled for work. I came back to Winter Games because I’ve seen this franchise work miracles before. Through The Bachelor and my journey around the world, I have made deep connections, true meaningful intimate relationships with many walks of life. I know it’s imperative to find someone who chooses us and acknowledges our many layers, who can be open and vulnerable, and most importantly, who is ready.”

Key word: Ready. Though she probably didn’t mean to throw shade, those of you who have been following Dean’s Bachelor journey know that’s he had a difficult time committing to one woman.

Lesley went on to say that she hopes to meet someone who loves as hard as she loves. “Don’t be afraid to be the one that loved the most and give everything you had, because you’ve got to find people who love like you do and who are ready,” she continued. “Out with the old, in with the true. It was a long winter, and I’m excited for a new season. Let the spring cleaning commence. I’m ready.”

According to E! News, Lesley and Dean broke up due to long distance, however, based on both their Instagram posts, we think one of them might not have been ready for a relationship. Dean shared his own Instagram post in which he also subtly addresses the break up, too.

In it, he cryptically talks about how everyone deserves love, but not everyone is entitled to it. He writes that love takes a lot of work and compromise and that it must be earned. “I still have a lot of work to do on myself, a lot to prove to myself, before I’m ready for something like that,” he added.

Did you notice how he used the word “ready” too? It seems pretty clear to us that that’s definitely one of the reasons he and Lesley decided to go their separate ways. Perhaps, that’s also why he’s chosen to focus on himself for now. It’s a smart and very mature decision, and we hope that both he and Lesley eventually find the love they’re looking for.