Bachelor “Villain” Krystal Nielson Wanted Peter Kraus As The Bachelor

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As much as Bachelor fans celebrated Krystal Nielson‘s elimination last week, you have to admit that all the drama she brought was fun to watch. And if you’re missing her already, don’t worry — she just did an interview that you’re probably going to love. While visiting The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Krystal admitted she wished Peter Kraus would be the Bachelor instead of Arie Luyendyk Jr. when she signed up… and she dropped a few other pieces of very ~interesting~ info, as well.

Anytime celebrities go on Ellen’s show, they always end up dishing the good stuff, and that’s exactly what happened during Krystal’s appearance. She visited the cubicle to talk to Ellen’s producers, and while sipping champagne, she spilled all the tea. First things first: the fact that she was kind of disappointed in ABC’s choice of Bachelor lead, just like a lot of fans were.

“I was really hoping it would be Peter,” she said. “I wanted to give [Arie] a fair shot.”

Despite that, Krystal still said that she did have feelings for Arie… until the bowling alley date in Fort Lauderdale when she realized that things were basically over between them.

“I’d been putting so much effort into him, and there was so much sh*t in the house and I was just there for Arie,” she said. “When he changed his mind, some people think that’s an overreaction. I only had his word. I was pretty much done. I packed my bags that night.”

Well, when she puts it that way, it makes a lot more sense. She was the contestant people loved to hate all season long, but is there a chance she was actually just a regular, real person underneath all that classic Bachelor villain-esque editing? Seems likely.

When asked if she felt like she was fairly portrayed she said, “You know, no. I feel like throughout the whole season and while I was there and even on the show, I just felt really misunderstood. Even while filming in the house. So that was really hard especially living that, and then seeing it played back. Especially seeing it played back. I’m like, ‘I remember things a little differently.’

It’s really hard to admit this, but hearing Krystal talk about The Bachelor after the fact makes her way more likable. She was definitely picked by the producers to play a central role in the drama. Obviously, some things she did on camera are really hard to justify (like how she went out of her way to block other women from getting time with Arie), but seeing her out of that pressure-filled environment makes it way easier to see where she was actually coming from.

If you’re feeling the same way (or if you’re just missing her drama), don’t worry. It seems like there’s a good chance she might return for Bachelor in Paradise this summer, and is it just us, or would she totally thrive in that setting? If she does go, she says she’d be looking for someone “entrepreneurial.”

“Definitely [into] health and fitness,” she said. “And has to be a dog person.”

Well, duh. Because dog people are the best. Also, as Ellen producers pointed out, Peter checks off all those boxes. Fingers crossed we get to see Krystal again soon!

Watch her whole interview here: