Bachelor Alums Raven Gates & Bekah Martinez Get Into Nasty Twitter Feud

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This is the kind of drama Bachelor host Chris Harrison lives for! Over the weekend, alums Raven Gates and Bekah Martinez totally got into it on Twitter and it ended in one of them blocking the other. Before reading any further, let us just say there might a spoiler or two for a some upcoming episodes of The Bachelorette (and even a few for this summer’s Bachelor in Paradise!).

Basically, the fight started after Bekah, who appeared on Arie Luyendyk Jr.‘s season of The Bachelor last season, watched an episode of The Bachelorette where Becca Kufrin confronted Colton Underwood about his romance with past contestant Tia Booth. In the ep, Tia also makes an appearance to tell Becca that she and Colton have both moved on and there’s nothing to worry about. However, Bekah doesn’t think so! After watching the ep, she took to Twitter to call out Colton and Tia’s relationship, saying it’s definitely not over and that she’s got a PDA-filled photo to prove it.

“Tia+Colton: ‘yeah Becca, we’re both 100% over each other! we’re TOTALLY not planning on getting back together/probably engaged the minute we’re in paradise (we’re gonna get so many followers from this manufactured narrative lol),'” she wrote alongside a photo of the two of them on BiP.

Oh, boy… But there’s more! Raven, who appeared on season 21 of The Bachelor and has been friends with Tia since before either of them appeared on reality TV, was quick to defend her BFF after she saw Bekah’s tweet. In a series of now-deleted tweets, Raven came in swinging, accusing Bekah of creating drama to get her own Twitter follower count up. OUCH!

“Hey everybody!! Make sure you follow @Whats_Ur_Sign_ so she can get those followers so she can stop talking sh*t about her friends… like Tia!!!! And Becca!!” she tweeted. “Come on now hurry up!”

“Girl I would never talk sh*t on Becca because she’s as real as it gets. That’s the reason I tweeted that thing about Colton and Tia in the first place, because it looked like they both played her on this one,” Bekah replied back. But, Raven wasn’t going to let her get away with it that easily.

“You know that Tia didn’t. And you’re entitled to your opinion. I don’t like the situation either, but if you said you’d stop bashing Tia, then you should keep your word,” Raven wrote.

The feud was over after that because Raven deleted her tweets AND blocked Bekah on Twitter! After Bekah shared a screenshot showing fans that Raven had, in fact, blocked her, Raven explained why: “Just so you guys know, Bekah tweeted something rude & unnecessary to create drama & I went to stick up for my friend who can’t respond right now. I decided to delete the tweets & I blocked her bc I don’t want to keep engaging with someone who will continuously drag her ‘friends.'”

Of course, someone sent Bekah the receipts:

Then, Bekah tweeted out one final word on the subject – and it just so happened to be a MAYJ Bachelorette spoiler…

Drama, drama, drama! As of right now, both ladies have kept pretty quiet on Twitter, but who knows if this subject will come up again this summer after BiP! Or if Becca Kufrin will have anything to say once she’s allowed to talk about what happened during the rest of her season.