Bachelor’s Bekah Martinez Apologizes For “Blasting” Tia & Colton On Twitter

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Bachelor alum Bekah Martinez is owning up to her recent behavior. On Friday, June 15, the reality star savagely called out Tia Booth and Colton Underwood for allegedly hooking up on Bachelor in Paradise after they assured Bachelorette star Becca Kufrin that there were no feelings between them. This resulted in a heated Twitter feud with fellow Bachelor contestant Raven Gates (from Nick Viall’s season, who happened to know Tia from home) and it got pretty nasty. Now, days later, Bekah has issued an apology on Twitter, in which she says she’s aware there were better ways to handle the situation.

“I woke up this morning realizing I regret blasting Tia+Colton on social media. Regardless of my feelings about the situation, a sarcastic tweet is not the way to handle it. There ARE less petty/ immature routes to take, and I HAD promised Tia months ago I’d stop the sh*t-talking,” she wrote.

She went on to say that she’s “sorry” for getting caught up in the moment. “I got heated and caught up in what I was feeling and wanted people to hate on them cause I felt like the situation was unjust. It’s really not my place to be the justice police, as much as I wish it was,” Bekah continued.

However, she wanted to make one thing clear: She’s not apologizing for speaking her truth and sharing her thoughts. Instead, she’s sorry for the way she handled it all.

In case you need a quick recap, here’s what went down: Bekah watched June 11th’s episode of The Bachelorette in which Becca confronts Colton about his relationship with Tia. He goes on to tell her that they’ve both moved on and they’re simply just friends. Even Tia makes an appearance on the episode to tell Becca the same thing. But, it turns out that the two might have rekindled things after the series wrapped filming. SPOILER ALERT… There are photos of them getting cozy on the set of the upcoming fifth season of BiP and that’s exactly what Bekah used to call them out.

“Yeah Becca, we’re both 100% over each other,” Bekah tweeted alongside a picture of them on BiP. “We’re TOTALLY not planning on getting back together/probably engaged the minute we’re in paradise (we’re gonna get so many followers from this manufactured narrative lol).”

Enter Raven, who defended Tia and called out Bekah for being an attention seeker in a series of now-deleted tweets. “Hey everybody!! Make sure you follow @Whats_Ur_Sign_ so she can get those followers so she can stop talking sh*t about her friends… like Tia!!!! And Becca!!” she wrote.

Raven then blocked Bekah on Twitter and that pretty much ended their Twitter feud. However, Bekah wasn’t done spilling the tea just yet because she also revealed another MAJOR Bachelorette spoiler, which involves Tia going BACK on the show to win over Colton. Bekah didn’t reveal any other details, but that’s enough for us to get excited about what’s to come!

Oh man. This is great stuff. Sometimes real-life is even better than reality TV!