Ex-Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. Disses Becca Kufrin AGAIN In New Interview

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Well, it’s official: Arie Luyendyk Jr. just can’t turn off the sass when it comes to his Bachelor ex-fiancée. In a new interview with  Us Weekly, Arie threw out a major diss at Becca Kufrin, and if you ask us, it was totally uncalled for. Why is he so insistant on making himself the most hated man in America?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or don’t ever go on social media), you’re probably well aware of all the controversy surrounding the Bachelor finale that aired early on this week. Arie ended up proposing to Becca only to dump her months later — on camera, in the longest, most painful, most uncomfortable unedited footage in reality television history — because he changed his mind and ended up proposing to runner-up Lauren Burnham on Women Tell All on Tuesday night. FYI: This proposal was just weeks after the two got back together. It’s totally understandable that Arie and Lauren would want to spread their joy about their upcoming wedding during their post-Bach press tour this week, but what’s not okay is that they keep bringing up Becca, too.

Arie’s former flame came up in conversation when Arie and Lauren were discussing their wedding’s guest list. At first, Lauren commented, “We’ve thrown a lot of ideas out there, but I think I would like to have some of my friends from the show there. I think Arie would too.”

This is kind of funny considering all of her “friends from the show” have not only made out with her to-be-husband, but they’ve also been bashing him on Twitter ever since the finale aired. But rather than bring that up, or respond that he’d like some of the guys from Bachelor Nation he’s been close to at his wedding, this is what he chose to throw in: “Yes, I wouldn’t mind. And just tell Becca she’s not invited.”

Wait, what?! That was so not necessary. Most people see Arie as a villain after that stunt he pulled, so maybe he should try to keep Becca out of the conversation entirely if he wants to get back in fans’ good graces? And it doesn’t sound like he was even asked about her, he just threw that comment out on his own. Has he ever heard of the saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”? Clearly not.

Being that most of us would probably rather pull out our own teeth than attend the wedding of our ex and the woman he left us for, it’s safe to say that even if Becca did get an invite, she’d be RSVPing with a hard ‘no.’ Besides, Becca’s going to be a little bit busy this year, being the new Bachelorette and all. Hopefully, after her season of the show wraps, she’ll be living her happily-ever-after with a man who treats her well.

Sigh. Arie, you make it so hard to root for you and your relationship. Honestly, what is he going to say next?