Ashley Iaconetti & Jared Haibon Reportedly Want To Get Married Within A Year

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It’s been a total whirlwind since Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon announced that they were a couple. First they were dating, and then they got engaged, and now, it sounds like wedding plans are moving fast. According to Us Weekly, Ashley and Jared want to get married within a year, so buckle up, Bachelor Nation.

Insiders close to the relationship told the magazine that now that they’re engaged, they’re already making plans to tie the knot soon. In fact, the source said that they’re hoping it happens in the next 12 months, which means Ashley could definitely be walking down the aisle before this time next year — or even before their first dating anniversary rolls around. How wild is that?

Of course, Ashley and Jared have yet to confirm this piece of intel themselves, but it makes sense; they may have just started dating, but this relationship has been building for a long time. Why wouldn’t they want to start making official wedding plans as soon as possible? This stuff can be seriously stressful, so it can’t hurt to get a jump start on it as soon as possible, especially if the countdown is already on.

This was taken the night before we became fiancés! 💍💋

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And if you’re wondering if there’s a chance they’ll get married on TV so we can all witness what is sure to be an event no fan will want to miss, there’s good news there, too. The source also mentioned that they’re considering a televised wedding and even reportedly hoping that someone will want to film it. Um, yeah, we are, too.

Their short timeline doesn’t leave a Bachelor in Paradise wedding out of the running, either. Since the season has obviously been filming for weeks already, they could easily get married at the beginning of next season and still make that 12-month cut off. It would be very appropriate for them to make things official on the same show where their love story began… even if it wasn’t quite a love story at that point in time.

Since Ashley and Jared have shared so much of their relationship with fans so far, hopefully, they’ll keep us updated on the wedding plans too — and when they’ve set a date. After seeing their ups and downs (and all that crying on the beach), it’s good to see them get their happy ending, too… even if none of us would have guessed that they’d actually end up together. Details, please!