Ariana Grande Releases Her First Song Since The Manchester Bombing

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Nearly a year after the tragic Manchester bombing that left 22 people dead who attended her concert, Ariana Grande is releasing new music. Overnight on Friday, Ariana released “No Tears Left To Cry,” a new song and music video, officially marking her comeback.

Fans have been anxiously awaiting Ariana’s return all week, especially since, on April 17, she dropped a hint that something new was on its way. Since December 31, her Twitter has been silent, with her posting “see you next year” on New Year’s Eve. Then, this past Tuesday, she hinted that the song was coming on Friday, followed by an image of her in a low ponytail on April 18 — the exact opposite of the high ponytail look she’s always been known for.

And now, “No Tears Left To Cry” is finally here, and it was totally worth the wait. It’s a song about overcoming something insanely difficult — presumably related to the bombing. Ariana sings about being so devastated she ran out of tears, so she’s finally reached the point where it’s time to start living again. It’s the perfect anthem for reclaiming your life after going through a tough time.

In the video, Ariana’s walking upside down in a black ball gown (just like the stylized upside down type of her single’s title) before she finds herself tangled in lights. As the video progresses, Ariana’s seen dancing in various locations, and at one point, her face becomes a mask laying on a table. Even then, she’s still singing. The end of the video finds the songstress sitting on the edge of a lake, looking out at the city skyline across the water, with her hair down and all around her. There seems to be so much symbolism here, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that Ariana decides to take a deep dive and tell us what everything means to her.

It’s hard to imagine what Ariana went through after the bombing. Fortunately, she wasn’t hurt, but almost two dozen of her fans were killed and several others were injured. It had to be a truly terrifying situation for her, but we love to see her triumph in the face of something so devastating.

There’s no word on when a new album might drop, but no matter how long the wait might be, it’s good to have Ariana back. If the low ponytail signals a new era for the singer, we are here for it.