Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson’s Exes Are All Shook Over Their Engagement After Weeks Of Dating

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If you’re anything like us, chances are your mind is still blown from the news about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson that came out on Monday. After less than a month of dating — and Pete permanently tattooing Ariana’s initials on his body, NBD — these two are reportedly engaged. And apparently, their exes aren’t too thrilled about it. So far, reports have surfaced that Mac Miller is struggling to grapple with the new headlines, and Pete’s exes Carly Aquilino and Cazzie David have taken to social media to suggest they’re feeling a bit off about this whole thing, too.

As Us Weekly pointed out, Pete’s ex, Carly, has seemingly tweeted about the news, and she seems to have totally shaded the newly-engaged couple.

Pete and Carly (who you might recognize from MTV’s Girl Code) dated back in 2015, so it’s been a few years since they were together. However, it seems like she spent the day thinking about her ex’s engagement — at least, that’s what her Instagram story insinuated, anyway. Carly posted a screenshot of a text message she got that said, “I know I’m the 9 billionth person to text you today about this, but… I can’t,” captioning it “my day in a text message.”

Well, duh. If your ex gets engaged, you can expect a few texts from the people who care about you. But if your ex gets engaged to a massive pop star after a whirlwind, high-profile romance just weeks after they started dating then, yeah…. about nine billion text messages sounds about right.

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And it’s not just one ex who’s grappling with the news. Ariana’s boyfriend of two years seems to be really struggling with it, according to a report from Hollywood Life.

“Mac is devastated that Ariana may have become engaged to her new boyfriend, he doesn’t want to believe it,” an insider told the site. “He is still broken hearted over their split and he can’t imagine how she could move on so quickly, or fall in love already. It hurts Mac to think Ariana is considering marrying someone she barely knows. Mac loved Ariana for years, and it is like a punch in the gut to him that she would agree to marry someone new, after only dating them for a few weeks, and so soon after breaking up with him. Mac is crushed.”

That sounds really rough. Poor Mac! It has to be really hard to see your girlfriend (who you were dating just over a month ago) in love with someone else — especially when the rest of the world is watching, too. Pete’s other ex, Cazzie David, with whom he broke up around the same time as the Ari/Mac split, also seemed to react once the news of the engagement went public. She posted a selfie on Instagram mentioning she’d be getting her drink on that evening. Look for yourself:

Came to wine country a person, leaving a human bottle of wine

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While it’s nice to know Ariana and Pete are happy and in love, it’s pretty hard to hear about all the exes that are struggling to come to terms with this genuinely shocking news. Though Ariana kinda-sorta confirmed the news on Twitter, we’ll wait for an official statement before rushing to judgement – hopefully Mac, Carly, and Cazzie can do the same.