Alyson Stoner Publicly Slams Disney In Cryptic Tweet About Secret Camp Rock Drama

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Alyson Stoner Publicly Slams Disney in Cryptic Tweet About Secret  em Camp Rock em  Drama alyson stoner camp rock drama jpg


If you grew up watching Disney, then you absolutely watched Camp Rock. It’s the musical, starring the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, and Alyson Stoner, about a teen girl named Mitchie who spends her summer at a music camp. It’s still loved by so many Disney Channel fans to this day. But, now ten years after the movie first premiered, it turns out there may have been some “secret drama” we never knew about – and we know this because Alyson just publicly slammed Disney.

It all started when the actress/singer/dancer took to Twitter to set Seventeen magazine straight about a story they published about Disney Channel facts. They reported that Alyson was up for the role of Hannah Montana. She revealed that that isn’t true – and as we all know, the role went to Miley Cyrus. Instead, Alyson almost got her own show, a spin-off of That’s So Raven, but it never got picked up. She went on to star in Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam and the rest is history, right? Not really. It appears as though there was some behind-the-scenes drama going on that Alyson isn’t allowed to talk about, which naturally makes us want to know even more!

“Hi @seventeen. You misreported,” Alyson wrote. “I wasn’t up for [Hannah Montana]. I had my own show, a spin off of [That’s So Raven], that competed against HM during same pilot season. If you want real drama, ask what Disney did to me on Camp Rock that I’ve had to keep secret this whole time.

NOW THAT IS SOME MAJOR TEA! What in the world could she be talking about? She needs to tell us or we’re literally going to go nuts trying to figure it out. After all, Alyson has spoken highly about her Camp Rock days in the past, which makes her recent revelation even more shocking.

“Working on Camp Rock with the Jonases and Demi is forever such a fun and exciting memory,” she told J-14 in 2016. “The international premieres, South American tour – it was a dream!”

Then, in a 2017 YouTube video, Alyson opened up how growing up as a child star caused her trauma. “I was a pack mule growing up,” she revealed. “The competition, narcissism, perfectionism, pressure, schedule, the traumatizing experiences that we can never talk about because we’re either under contract or we’ll get shot or other things will happen to us if we open our mouths.”

So is this part of the drama she’s referring to? It’s unclear, but something pretty bad must have happened for her to have kept it a secret all these years. We’ll have to wait to see if Alyson will reveal more details. She might not, especially if she signed an NDA with Disney, but it sure seems like she wants to.