5 Seconds Of Summer Changes Their Sound & Says Their Partying Ways Are Behind Them

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It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from pop-punks 5 Seconds of Summer, but this boy band is making a comeback. On Thursday evening, 5SOS released a new single for the first time in two years, and while it’s the same poppy sound we’ve always loved from them, it definitely signals a different era for their music.

The song, “Want You Back,” is a lovelorn tune about — you guessed it — wanting someone back after a breakup. It’s catchy, and despite the fact that it’s a little sad, it’s upbeat. Basically, there’s a good chance that you’re going to have this on repeat in your car for months to come. The band has been teasing new music for months now, and if you still follow them on Twitter, you already know that the promo for this single has really been ramping up over the last couple of weeks. And now that the song is here, it seems like it was really worth the wait.

You can listen to it below:

And now that 5 Seconds of Summer has rejoined the music scene with a different sound than we’ve heard from them before, it seems like they’re planning for things to be different from here on out. In an interview with Australia’s, drummer Ashton Irwin said that they’re reevaluating the way they behave as a band now that they’ve matured a bit.

“It’s actually really nice because we have gotten all the drinking and partying out of the way that comes from touring around the world six times in a row over the past five years,” Ashton said. “You have your hiccups where you are asking ‘Am I drinking too much? Am I sleeping enough because I feel like sh*t,’ but you learn to be really durable.”

Obviously, fans have been missing 5 Seconds of Summer while they took a break from music, but according to what bass guitarist Calum Hood said in the interview, it sounds like the short hiatus was totally necessary for the band to give us the high-quality album they’re about to release.

“It was really important for us to have a bit of a break and live our lives as individuals and then come back and pinpoint what we want to achieve over this next period of our career,” Calum said.

If you’re loving the song already, there’s good news: the guys are already planning to head out on a huge 26 venue tour in the spring in cities all across the US. Tickets go on sale on March 2nd. You can check out all the tour dates on their website. Sounds like the perfect excuse to go freak out over a boy band like the good old days, right?

Maybe now that 5SOS has officially announced their return, their former touring mates One Direction will suddenly decide that a reunion has to happen, like, right now? We can dream.