Never Say These 9 Things to Girls with Straight Hair

Sure, there are a ton of things you can do to get flawlessly straight hair, but for girls who have naturally straight locks, it isn’t always a breeze. Static electricity is a major issue, tangles happen more frequently than you think and ponytail dents… don’t even get us started. The struggle is absolutely real for straight-haired girls, but we have to admit, having straight hair isn’t a bummer all the time. Just when you want to curl it or have cute beach waves or a fun up-do that doesn’t require one million bobby pins and four pounds of hairspray.

But for those who don’t quite understand, read on for X comments that should never leave your mouth if you’re around a girl with straight hair.

1. “You can probably do just about anything with your hair, right?” Wrong. Without an insane amount of effort and hairspray, we can’t do just about anything with our hair.

2. “Why don’t you try another hairstyle?” We do try. Our efforts just fall flat. Like, literally flat.

3. “I wish I had hair like you.” The grass is always greener because we kind of wish we had hair like you.

4. “Do you even have to blow-dry your hair after you shower?” Yes, if we want any type volume at all ever.

5. “Your hair always looks the same.” / “You’re boring.” What if we like a simple hairstyle every day? It’s definitely not a pain to get ready in the morning we’ll tell you that much.

6. “I bet you don’t have to put any product in it.” Usually not on a daily basis, no, but flyaways are still a thing that we constantly have to fix product or no product.

Tumblr (kylizzle-me)

Tumblr (kylizzle-me)

7. And if you do put product in it, “Why does your hair look so crunchy?” Sorry, we were under the impression that maybe mousse and the scrunching technique would work. We were wrong.

8. “You’re so lucky your hair isn’t curly / wavy / frizzy.” No, it just lays flat, so it’s a blessing and a curse really.

9. “I can see your split ends from a mile away.” Oh, well that’s just great. Did you have to actually say it out loud for all to hear?

Tumblr (gifemotions)

Tumblr (gifemotions)

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