Michigan HS Student Asks Kendall Jenner to Prom Via YouTube

Prom is rapidly approaching, and high schoolers are struggling to find creative ways to ask out their dream dates. Over the past year, several lucky fans have been successful in their attempts to nab their favorite celebrity as their date – Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift are among the growing list of celebs escorting fans at big events. And if one Michigan high school student has his way, Kendall Jenner will be joining that list this Spring.

The student,Balraj Singh, posted a video on YouTube asking Kendall to accompany him to his school’s Prom… and he has the support of pretty much his entire school! Look!

While he’s certainly not on the same level of fame as the Keeping Up With the Kardashians starlet, it seems Balraj is very well-known in his community. And if being “the cutest kid in school”, “an awesome dancer”, and “every girl’s dream man” isn’t enough for Kendall, one teacher notes that Balraj is a “hopeless romantic”.

So, why’d he choose Kendall?

“First of all, she’s gorgeous. Second of all, she has that personality that just kind of brings you in. She seems like a really warm-hearted person. I would just love to spend one of the greatest nights of high school, Prom, with her,” says Balraj.

Do you think Kendall will accept his invitation? Would you? What celebrity would you love to go to Prom with?

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