11 Easy Strobing Hacks & Tips That’ll Make Your Face Glow Like Never Before

Finally got the whole contouring thing down? Sorry, people — there’s a new beauty phenom taking over the world that you must learn.

Strobing is the act of heavily highlighting your face to give it a gorg glowy look and, in turn, emphasize your bone structure naturally. Confused? We get it! Didn’t you just learn where to put the dark colors?! Before you freak out, let us help you! By using the following hacks and tips, you’ll have the whole strobing thing down in no time at all! It’s SO easy! We promise.

1. So, what’s the difference between contouring and strobing? Take a look at this comparison:

2. Why strobing, you may ask? Here’s what it can do for your face:

3. Simply apply luminous powder/liquid to the high points of your face for a gorg effect:

4. Understand your face structure with this handy guide:

5. Here’s what it’ll look like in the end:

6. Follow this in-depth guide for the ultimate glowing look:

7. Let’s see that again:

8. It really is!

9. Look! It can even make your lips look bigger!

10. Now that you have the technique down, let’s talk about products to use!

11. Let’s refresh:

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