12 Stunning Makeup Looks that’ll Make Your Brown Eyes Stand Out

All eye colors are beautiful, but for this week’s ever-helpful tutorials post, we’re going to focus on one — brown. Stars like Selena Gomez and Shay Mitchell have mastered the art of making their dark peepers shine, and now you can, too! Simply follow the below guides and your brown eyes will stand out in no time!

1. Gold eyeshadow will bring out the dimension of your brown eyes:

2. Here’s how you can do the same thing for a daytime look:

3. Nicole Scherzinger’s makeup is ALWAYS on point. Get her look by following these steps:

4. Don’t be afraid of color!

5. You know we couldn’t talk about makeup for brown eyes without talking about Kim Kardashian!

6. Annnd here’s another for good measure:

7. Blues and purples really make brown eyes pop, too!

8. See?

9. Pink works, too!

10. Purple and gold combined makes for the ultimate eye look.

11. A sheer wash of color is really all you need, though.

12. If you like the idea of a color making your brown eyes pop, but don’t want to wear a full-blown colorful makeup look, try adding a pop of color to your lower lash line!

Nina Dobrev’s Makeup ALWAYS Makes Her Eyes Pop