34 Insanely Inappropriate Tweets 5SOS Fans Really Sent to Luke Hemmings

It’s been a long time coming, and it’s finally here. Today, we’re taking a look at all the shockingly sexual tweets 5 Seconds of Summer fans have seriously sent Luke Hemmings.

Some of you may be shocked by what you’re about to see, but come on — you’ve seen what the #5SOSFamily sent to Michael, Ashton and Calum in the past! You know these are gonna be OMG-worthy…

1. How would you know?

2. Nah.

3. WHY?!

4. Yikes.

5. There are so many other remedies, though!

6. That is DEFINITELY not how it works…

7. A simple handshake would be a better option.

8. Oh wowzaaa!

9. *covers eyes*

10. YUCK!

11. We think he’ll pass.

12. Dream big.

13. Wouldn’t that hurt?!?!

14. Wise words from Pretty Ricky:

15. Wow, that’s beautiful…

16. Thanks for the heads up?

17. Oh em gee…

18. OH…

19. There are no words for this.


21. Thank you?

22. Nope nope nope.

23. K.


25. WHY?!

26. Lolololol!

27. Oh yeah?

28. That’s literally disgusting.

29. Ouch.

30. Does it though?

31. Negative.

32. Ohhhkay…

33. Oh yeah?

34. WTF?!

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