36 of the Most Inappropriately Sexual Things Fans Tweeted to Louis Tomlinson

Just because Louis Tomlinson is about to be a dad doesn’t mean One Direction fans plan on treating him any differently. In fact, they’re going along the same path they always have when it comes to the British hunk, which means lots and lots of dirty tweets.

1. Pretty sure that’s not gonna happen…

2. Oh?

3. #Logic

4. EWWW!

5. But why?!

6. That’s disgusting.

7. Actually gagging.

8. NO!

9. Also no!

10. Ohhhh…kay…?

11. That’s direct.

12. Let us not.

13. NOPE!

14. This is quite interesting…

15. *chills*

16. Oh, no?

17. Is this a compliment?

18. OUCH

19. Why is this a thing?!

20. OH.

21. The smiley face is NOT helping:

22. #Honesty

23. Doubtful.

24. That’s beautiful!

25. We’re begging for you to not call him dad!

26. NOOOO!

27. K.

28. Cringe!!!

29. That’s actually disgusting.

30. Like, come on.

31. This is just too graphic!

32. Really?


34. Why did you do that??

35. NO NO NO!

36. W H A T?!

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