Youtube Gathered 2013’s Top Viral Video Stars And Made The Most Amazing Video Ever

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Youtube what does 2013 say video

While it's currently unconfirmed if Youtube's a member of the Illuminati, it's clear that they're involved with some extremely powerful people. How else do you explain the fact that they managed to gather all of 2013's viral video stars and have them make the most amazing year in review video together? I know. You're trying to think of an answer that doesn't involve a virgin lighting the black candle, the dark arts or a call from Beyonce. There isn't. Something great's going on here and it's far beyond your mortal abilities to understand how it happened. Just appreciate the fact that it did and that you can now watch it over and over and over.

And guys, trust me I knoooow what you're thinking. This time of year's filled with false promises on the Internet. Everyone who's anyone's claiming to have the MOST AMAZING 2013 video ever made. But as someone who prides myself on making sure that everything I write is at least 13% true, trust-ish me when I say that the Youtube Rewind: What Does 2013 Say video is the best thing you'll watch. Maybe not this year and maybe not even this month, but most definitely in the next 5 minutes and 46 seconds. You can hold me to that. (Although FYI, “you can hold me to that” is not valid in any court of law.)

So sit back, relax and enjoy trying to spot every single pop culture reference in the video. And I do mean try. This thing's so jam packed with viral video stars, parodies memorable moments and goats that it's clinically impossible to find them all. Yeah, you read that right. This video has goats up the mothering effing wazoo. But finnnee, since I'm feeling generous (jennirous?) today, I'll give you a head start. It kicks off with the uber-adorbable Kid President. From there, you're on your own figuring out who you know all these people.

P.S: Does the world explode if a video starring viral video stars go viral?

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