Your New Crush: Columbia University’s Modeling Drug Dealer, Jose Stephan Perez

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Five Columbia University students were arrested today for selling over $11,000 worth of pot, cocaine and LSD to undercover cops. The students, all male, were taken down in a five-month long sting called “Operation Ivy League” (anyone else suddenly feel like skanking?) that led to a massive raid of the NYC campus. One of the dealers is a guy named Jose Stephan Perez who, for some reason, goes by the name Stephan Vincenzo. “Stephan” is apparently a party promotor and head of an entertainment company that he runs out of his frat house. Oh, and he's also an amateur model. Jose registered on the site Model Mayhem, where he's posted 18 shots and claims to be “experienced.”

The last status update on Jose-as-Stephan's Facebook was posted 19 hours ago. It reads:

“Your back is wet from all the tears you have cried, you are disillusioned from all those years worth of lies, Lady Liberty needs new glasses for her diminished eyes, The American Dream is a mirage you have come to realize, They can try to arrest and deport you, but your spirit will never die.”

Wow, eerily prescient. Maybe Jose knew what was coming? Check out another modeling shot from “Stephan's” page: