The Daily WTF: ‘You Vs. Cat,’ The iPad Game You Can Play With Your Furry Friend

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You vs. Cat iPad game SXSW Buddy FriskiesLet's compare recent advertising campaigns of cat food companies. Fancy Feast did that overdramatic video about how a couple getting married is a metaphor for feeding your cat, or something. Friskies went to SXSW and debuted an iPad game that your cat can play with you.

I think we have a clear winner.

You vs. Cat is a bit like air hockey on an iPad, where you send the puck flying to the other person's goal with a swipe of your fingers. The cat acts as a goalie; it wins when it bats the puck away. BuzzFeed's Katie Notopoulos bravely did battle with the reigning champion Buddy, but he refused to relinquish his title.

Worldwide, cats are currently beating humans 2,091 to 1,250. Then again, they have a lot more practice than we do with batting objects.

Friskies has another cat-based game called Jitterbug, which features bugs racing across the screen. This solo game makes for fun exercise for cats who might be feeling unfulfilled in their cushy lives.

So, let's review: People think that iPads are stunting children's development, but they're beneficial for cats. OK.

Photo: BuzzFeed