Stop What You’re Doing And Watch The Very Best Wrecking Ball Parody On The Internet

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Steve Kardynal does Wrecking Ball parody on Chat Roulette November 2013I know what you're thinking — there's no possible way that you're gonna laugh at another ‘Wrecking Ball' parody at this point. It was done to death pretty much thirty seconds after the original Miley Cyrus version went live and there have been about fifteen million riffs on it since, so let's all quit pretending there's more life to be squeezed out of this video.

You're right. I get it. And I felt that way too…up until about half an hour ago when I saw this video. BECAUSE IT IS HILARIOUS. And amazing. And it will change your mind, but you have to watch it immediately. It's the newest addition to an ongoing series of videos in which the hilarious Steve Kardynal dresses up as a lady and thrusts his way through an entire song…in costume…on Chatroulette…and films the consequences.

It's genius, it really is, and all the reactions are so amazing that I can't stop watching it. You get all manner of people reacting to a dude in tighty whities or just full-on naked on an exercise ball, but please note that at 1:50 he finds his very own doppelganger. I mean it was bound to happen sooner or later, because I imagine that if you stay on Chatroulette long enough in the year 2013, you eventually cycle through everyone and encounter yourself again. Your very own self. There just aren't enough people still on that site. In fact, I'm shocked that there's still anyone on that site other than errant penises wandering around and waggling at each other in a peen approximation of shaking hands.

Also please enjoy a touching moment at 2:15 when Steve completely can't hold it together, i love it. and then it breaks, which is perfect. I guess what I'm trying to tell you here is that I'm obsessed with this video and I can't stop watching it. Nor will I, until I've discovered every single thing that's wonderful about it. Which I'm guessing is a lot of things, and dudes with black beards wearing bright red lipstick while lip synching is right at the top of the list.

At the tippy top top! (I love this too much.)