World AIDS Day 2011: (RED) Gift Gallery

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Surely you know what Product Red, better known as (RED), is: Founded by Bono and ONE in 2006, it's a partnership where you get to buy limited-edition versions of your favorite brands — Gap, Apple, Starbucks — and up to 50% of the proceeds go to the Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS and other diseases. But we noticed that (RED) wasn't in the news as much lately; according to Wikipedia, their last big partnership with Scholastic happened in 2010.

Today is World AIDS Day 2011, so we've decided to jog your memory a bit—it turns out that (RED) has the instructions for how you can add your voice to the 2015 AIDS Quilt. In addition, we wanted to show you all the great clothing, footwear, jewelry, and technology they're selling. Plus, you've got a little over three weeks to come up with holiday gifts for your family and friends. Why not shop brands you already know they love and donate to charity at the same time?

You can find all of these products at (RED)'s official store, but here are seven we thought might pique your interest. (And if you wondered what money goes where, look no further than this handy guide.)

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