Winery Etiquette You Need to Know for Your Next Girls’ Trip to the Vineyard

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If you believe that everything happens for a Reisling, make pour decisions on the reg, and enjoy uncorking and relaxing, then you're morally obligated to make it to the vineyards one last time this summer. You're a wino through and through and before August turns to autumn, making another trip out to experience the wineries is legit in your best interest.

So gather up the gals and stuff your favorite wine opener in your pocket (maybe not actually, but you know what we mean). Even if you're by no means a wine connoisseur, there's a space for everyone at the local vineyard. Whether you're learning about wine as a first-timer or are a vineyard frequenter, everyone has a good time while sipping rosé. It's just in the cards.

Ready to hit the grape vines and pound down some Chardonnay? This is all of the winery etiquettes you need to know for your next girls' trip to the vineyard.